What I’m Doing for “Preptober”

Preptober posts abound. YouTube will be full of helpful (and sometimes unhelpful) information about preparing for National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo). What I noticed this year were some prologues to the prologue, a few videos prepping for Preptober: getting supplies together, finishing the details on a retail product for planning, talking about what viewers and readers could expect for the next 31 days. In a way, this short post is in the same vein. In a larger way, it’s not, because I waited until October to talk about Preptober.

Kidding aside, part of the reason I want to fully partake in Preptober, especially in a visual sense by blogging daily, is to share what I’m doing to give myself the best chance of winning Nanowrimo this year. I’ve never won it, though I’ve participated off and on for over a decade. My brain sometimes gets bored after working on a project for a short time and I want to start a slow build-up of momentum early. It’s similar to creating a habit and then, when November comes around, building upon that habit and maybe, just maybe, hitting that goal.

I hope you come a long with me on this journey and tell me what you’re doing in advance of November. Don’t hesitate to give advice and encouragement as well. Heaven knows we could all use more pep-talks right now.

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