Why Did I Wait to Write This Book?

My project name for Nanowrimo 2020 book is The Forest Book and I first had the idea for this story in 1998. 

Yeah, I’m that old and it’s been a long time coming. Don’t talk to me about procrastination unless you want to talk about lifetimes. The initial idea was a scene in a forest, two people practice sword fighting. A few more scenes followed as I typed it into a laptop so old that it was monochrome. There was the return of a great warrior, the unveiling of an heir, a raid that resulted in families and friends separating for years. The plot that was developing was a very human one and at that point there was no magic.

I kept thinking about my main character. What was her goal outside of revenge? How could she make her way in the world alone? What does political upheaval do to the opportunities a young woman has? It seems as if I waited until the perfect time to write this book, but I assure you, waiting for national turmoil was never my intention. I think the reason The Forest Book languished in folders and thumb-drives and cloud storage all these years is that I needed the time to be right for me. Perhaps I needed to grow more as a person before I wrote thoughtfully about someone else’s growth. Or I am the world’s worst procrastinator.

I have other projects to work on, like most writers, I don’t lack ideas, I lack motivation. But motivation doesn’t come from the outside, I find that if I start, if I push just a little to get the words moving, then, like those old cars you had to crank up, then I find the motivation. We should stop saying “find motivation” and start saying “start motivation.” 

In short, I’m using Preptober as my month long wind-up. How do you start motivation?

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