“Call” 2m58s

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Gladys took the call against her better judgement. Assuming it would be something easy, she was surprised when the breathy voice on the other end begged her to come immediately. "Who is this?" Gladys asked. "Just hurry. 53 Elm Street. The barrier is down and the demons are escaping. You must come!" The call ended … Continue reading “Call” 2m58s

“Bread” 4m2s

Every time I make this bread, I have to think about butterflies. There are any number of ways to occupy my mind while I’m kneading and kneading, flour shifting up my forearms like parasites climbing toward my heart. They would starve there, hence the butterflies. Their paper pretty wings make me smile. Flick and flutter … Continue reading “Bread” 4m2s